A piece of nature’s dream on your wall

Bring a piece of beautiful nature into your living room and enjoy the beauty of our planet every day.

  • Gallery quality with fair price
  • Free shipping within Germany
  • Motifs from all over the world
  • Made in Germany
  • Delivery within 10 days
  • Printed on high quality materials

Recent Photos

Landscape images printed on a material of your choice ~ Materials at a glance

Canvas starting at € 95

⇒ bright colors

⇒ high quality natural materials from sustainable production

⇒ Canvas creates a natural feeling of space

⇒ suitable for all furnishing options

⇒ timeless and stylish

⇒ ready to hang up on your wall

⇒ Sizes: 60×40, 75×50, 90×60, 120×80, 150×100

FineArt ~ photo posters starting at € 40

⇒ high-quality print’s for a small budget

⇒ matt surface

⇒ bright colors, details are reproduced with great clarity

⇒ Complete printing of the images, no white border

⇒ to hang on the wall, to stick or to frame yourself

⇒ Sizes: 60×40, 75×50, 90×60

Acrylic glass starting at € 148

⇒ brilliant photographic art work in premium gallery quality

⇒ bright colors through direct printing

⇒ suitable for modern furnishing style

⇒ creates an elegant impression

⇒ Supplied with a simple hanging system

⇒ Sizes: 60×40, 90×60, 120×80

Alu-Dibond starting at € 149

⇒ noble photo reproduction in premium gallery quality

⇒ Razor-sharp reproduction of details and natural colors

⇒ suitable for modern furnishings

⇒ moisture repellent – can be wiped off with a damp cloth

⇒ Supplied with a simple hanging system

⇒ Sizes: 60×40, 90×60,120×80

Mural, what size should I choose?

The image size you order depends on many different factors.
The size of the room, furniture and existing murals play a role.
For murals that are hung alone on a wall, the bigger the better, the principle applies.
In general, you should make sure that there is enough distance to the furniture.
In the case of pictures that you hang above furniture, it looks harmonious if the left and right are the same distance. So that the picture hangs in the middle above the piece of furniture.
Again, make sure not to choose the picture too small, otherwise, it will lose its effect.