Who is Felix

I am a nature conservation photographer and videographer, content creator and environmentalist.

With my photos I sensitize people to the beauty of the earth.
My goal is for them to see nature as worth protecting and to question their own behavior.

I was born and grew up in Germany. I started taking pictures when I was 14, later I added videography.
I discovered travelling at the age of 20 and since then I’ve been to many countries.
No matter where I was, nature was breathtaking and pulled me under its spell. However, I found that most people could not appreciate nature.
I realized that people have moved too far away from nature, they no longer have eyes for beauty.
So I understood that the earth needs another voice that captures its beauty with photos and brings it a little closer to people.

I live in the north of Germany. Here I created a home base for myself. I live and work surrounded by nature.
I have never been able to understand society’s striving for “higher, faster, further”, because in my eyes it contributes to the destruction of the planet.
I live vegan and minimalist. In this way I try to leave the lowest possible ecological footprint on the earth.

Current Obsessions:

  • Wildlife photography
  • Underwater photography
  • Marine conservation

I Believe That…

  • Every person can make a difference in our world.
  • Each person can realize their dreams.
  • Finding yourself is the key to a fulfilling life.
  • Man is a part of nature, he has just forgotten it.
  • Minimalism is the key to freedom.

My mission:

  • To bring people closer to nature again and show them how beautiful and worthy of protection it is.
  • Nature conservation to live.

My motivation

  • The hope for a better world where we protect the planet.
  • The beauty of nature.
  • Nature films & documentaries (Racing Extinction, Sharkwater Extinction).
  • People who set a good example.