Felix has come to help us create some video material in the summer of 2018. We first talked about what we desired. So we talked about what we imagine to convey through the videos and how these ideas can be captured in imagery.
It was valuable that Felix was living among us for a time so he could capture the moments in a natural way as he understood our ideas and vision.
The use of a drone and good equipment gave the videos a special effect.

We were happy with the result and can foresee Felix growing his work in this field. He is passionate about it!

Jan Bouwman, Field director Oasis Trails Spain .


The photo on canvas came last Tuesday.

I was also so happy because it was delivered very quickly, well packaged and of course unpacked carefully. On Saturday my friend put the canvas up and since then I can’t get enough of it…

It is exactly like I’ve imagined! The picture itself shines and is simply a golden splendour, PEACE with and in EVERYTHING – you did a great job of capturing such a moment of nature! On canvas it’s just like photography, which I didn’t think was possible. It even looks like the most beautiful painting on canvas, only without artificial colors… I am very touched every time I look at it every day.

written by Irina